Place: a rest stop on the pike

Scene: an older couple sits down at the booth in front of me.

“I can’t stand the way people think”
“Everyone in their own little world, unable to step out of their own bubble to consider cause and effect”

The man is talking about EZ Pass transponders, and holding up one of four that he has on the table, showing them to the woman sitting with him, who I assume to be his wife. She is fully engrossed in the transponder discussion.

He is cynical, but bemused, by people. He is self-assured in his own state of “woke” and clearly has at one point or another abandoned the idea reaching those without the ears to hear. His jaded attitude has given way to a kind of humor qua coping mechanism.

Half laughs mask the depression evident in his aphorisms.

Still, the wife is clearly a good partner, and a half laugh is half better than none. They leave me together, smiling, and I wonder what would have happened if I had spoken to them, interrupted their little world with my little world, and whether the man was a hypocrite for not interrupting mine.

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